The Life of Cameron Douglas, From Privilege to Prison and Back

She read parts of an earlier manuscript but did not know “the ultimate outcome” of the book, she said. “Why, should I be worried?”

Even after being told that “Long Way Home” discussed intimate details of her marriage to Michael Douglas and its dissolution, Diandra Douglas expressed confidence that Cameron would strike the right tone. “As a human being, placing blame is very easy,” she said. “Taking responsibility for one’s actions is a lot tougher.”

Since his release, Cameron Douglas has moved back to Los Angeles, where he lives with his girlfriend and their daughter. He is pursuing an acting career, plugging away at some screenwriting projects, having occasional breakfasts with Kirk Douglas, who lives nearby, and volunteering at the Los Angeles Mission, a homeless shelter.

If his days feel overdetermined, it is a sensation that he much prefers to prison, where he had nothing but time and few opportunities to use it as he wished. “I used to say to myself, how does anybody get anything accomplished, out in the real world, in such a short amount of time?” he said. “I can barely get these four things done.”

Beyond the family he has built for himself, Douglas said his principal responsibility was establishing a track record of diligence and consistency, so that his name will mean something aside from his past crimes.

He said he knew it would be a slow process, but he faced it with some optimism. “A lot of it is digging myself out of this hole and proving to people that I’m reliable,” he said. “Once some people start to see that, then the rest will follow suit.”

Correction: Oct. 19, 2019
An earlier version of this article misstated the title of Cameron Douglas’s book in some references. It is “Long Way Home,” not “Long Road Home.”

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