Iran Plane Crash Live Updates: Pompeo Says Missiles ‘Likely’ Downed Plane

While many of the passengers onboard the Ukrainian plane that crashed near Tehran on Wednesday were Iranians, there were citizens of at least seven other nations on the flight when it plunged to the ground killing everyone.

Among the dead were at least 63 Canadians, many of them university students. Dozens are believed to be from the city of Edmonton, members of the Iranian community told local news outlets. At least 10 were students or staff at the University of Alberta, according to a statement from David H. Turpin, the president of the university.

“These individuals were integral to the intellectual and social fabric of our university and the broader community,” Mr. Turpin said. “We are grieving for lost colleagues, classmates, teachers, and mentors, as well as loved ones, family, friends, and roommates.”

“We will feel their loss — and the aftermath of this tragedy — for many years to come,” he added.

Sweden’s prime minister said he spoke with the leaders of Canada and Britain following reports that the plane may have accidentally been shot down by an Iranian missile, and said that the country would do all it could to aid in the investigation after the “serious information” emerged.

A number of Swedish nationals were also onboard the Ukraine International Airlines flight when it crashed.

“We will do everything we can to find out what happened,” Prime Minister Stefan Lofven of Sweden said in a statement. “My thoughts go to the victims, their families and close relatives at this difficult time. You are not alone. We share your sorrow.”

Although no German citizens were among the victims, the mayor of Werl, a town in western Germany, told the German news agency DPA on Friday that a 30-year-old Afghan woman who had been granted asylum in the country and had been living in the town since 2017 was killed. Her 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son had also died in the crash. The mayor, Michael Grossmann, said the woman’s brother, who also lives in the town, had confirmed the deaths, but gave no further details.

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